Wie können wir helfen?

  • Can candidates apply through my website? Or does the application go through Dutch Employees?
    Since Dutch Employees works hand in hand with Grenzelooswerk, all applications have to be done through Grenzelooswerk. Don’t worry we operate in the same system with Grenzelooswerk. All your vacancy will also be visible on Dutch Employees.
  • How many candidates can Dutch Employees provide me at once?
    We can provide a handful of potential candidates within a week of intensive marketing that will immediately show results.
  • What happens if I find an employee before my vacancy expires?
    It's always good to find an employee fast. In case you don’t want to receive applications for your vacancy anymore, all you have to do is log in, then go to your dashboard and manually deactivate your vacancy post.
  • What sort of candidates are in Dutch Employees' marketplace?
    Our candidates are diverse, ranging from students, graduates, full-time and part-time workers and mainly anyone who is looking to gain experience abroad because that is what Dutch Employees aims for.
  • How does Dutch Employees attract and gather its candidates?
    We have active job seekers registered on our website. Once a deal has been agreed upon between us, the vacancy will then be promoted in multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin with around 50k followers combined and growing. We also have a match-making system where the candidates automatically connect to you based on your vacancy description. Therefore, the system matches them with a job abroad based on their preferences and the vacancy description.